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E-mail: [email protected]
Office phone: +421 220 633 178
Office fax: Contact Information:

Why to do business with Bluefin Century?

Operating a successful business goes beyond buying low and selling high. Having the right partners with great value-added services is key to success. We are constantly working together with our partners to identify service needs in the industry and make them available for our clients.

  • 15-20,000 mobile devices daily on stock
    15-20,000 mobile devices daily on stock
  • Founded in 2012
    Founded in 2012
  • 19 languages are spoken by our Sales Team
    19 languages are spoken by our Sales Team
  • Vendors on CeBIT for 7 consecutive years
    Vendors on CeBIT for 7 consecutive years
  • Premium Partners with GSMExchange for 10 years
    Premium Partners with GSMExchange for 10 years
  • After sales support 24/7
    After sales support 24/7
  • 4 offices worldwide
    4 offices worldwide
  • Number of employees 50+
    Number of employees 50+
  • Selling in 30+ countries
    Selling in 30+ countries
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Our story

Since the first day of operation both the range of provided goods and services and the size of the organization has grown tremendously and still growing! We have built up a strong reputation on the market and our partners like IGT, IPT, GSM Exchange, Phonelot, GSM B2B, Handelot can vouch for that.

We are always offering our partners a fix stock of at least 15.000 pieces of mobile phones ready to ship all over the world from our own warehouse located in the outskirts of Bratislava. The fixed stock includes 20+ original brands and all models are brand new, sealed, 100% original, right out of the master carton, SIM FREE* and include all major languages**.

*If not stated otherwise.

**If it is possible to install further languages.

In order to help and even boost the efficiency of our business partners we provide multiple value-added services like Delayed Ordering, Incoming Stocks, My Repair and NATM System about which you can read in more detail under the Services tab.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients top quality goods and services at the best possible price available on the market in the shortest range of time.

Our partners

We are only working together with the best service providers in order to provide the best shopping experience for our clients.

  • Ups
  • Gen cloud
  • Handelot
  • Ipt
  • Gsm b2b
  • Genezis Electronics Kft.

Partner feedback

"Bluefin Century has been a member and event partner for 7 years this year. We are always happy to work with Bluefin at the CeBIT, which is the biggest computer trade show in Hannover. Bluefin Century have never had even 1 negative feedback on the gsmExchange.com trading platform – and this tells a lot about this company."

Adrian Rochford
Adrian Rochford
Manager at GSM Exchange

"I have a great cooperation with this company for years now, and I am surprised every time, how dedicated they are to their business and how much they care about their clients - very professional. I hope we have successful cooperation in the future. High recommendations."

Vladan Dobrenov
Vladan Dobrenov
Owner at Art & Code Creative Studio
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